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Project management

Our employees, with experience in management of every single phase of Your investment, grant You professional and proficient management of complicated engineering and other projects in the field od environment protection and renewable energy projects, from basic concept to the final implementation. 

Our services goes beyond that due to our compatibility to consult You for optimal facility managing and maintenance.

Due to our experience and ability to include experts from other areas of civil engineering in executing projects, Your projects and ideas will be successfully accomplished  within agreed financial and time constraints.

Our services in project management include, but they are not limited to:

  • Project management according to Croatian law and regulations defined in Act on Physical Planning and Building Tasks and Activities (OG 78/15)
  • Help in defining project goals
  • Preparing preliminary draft along with various solutions
  • Optimal usage of available resources
  • Active control ''triple constraint'' – scope, time and costs
  • Risk analysis
  • Procurement, contracting and monitoring contract realisation
  • Avoiding potential changes and delay
  • Effective communication and conflict avoiding/management skills
  • Planning and organization in starting phases of project
  • Contracting in preliminary phases of project
  • Management in final phases (designing or constructing phase)

When it comes to the complex projects involving a larger number of persons, central and unified management, realized through the person of the project manager, can greatly reduce the total cost, while allowing investors greater transparency and insight into all stages of the project as well as the deadlines and costs.

On behalf of investors, as a project manager, we do coordinate and communicate with all stakeholders involved in the implementation of investment starting with participants in constructing, defined by the Croatian law (design engineer, auditor, contractor, supervisor), through competent institutions and all other stakeholders included in Project .

Insight into these activities during implementation of the project is provided in the form of regular reports on which basis is possible to follow the progress and costs of the project.
Our proactive approach assures all participants in project with confidence that every positive or negative information, that can affect the project, will be know in time.