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Technical assistance (Consultancy services)

In real terms, the process of obtaining construction permits (including preliminary actions) often can be very exhausting and time-consuming. Also, once when all necessary permits are obtained (or meanwhile during permit obtaining) it is obligatory to choose optimal contractor to realize Your investment. There are various models of contracting, but decision which one will be applied depends on your preferences and special requirements of each project.

For investors in these cases, the best, the fastest and most economical solution is to leave the management to professional and experienced persons through contracting complete technical assistance in the following phases of the project:

  • Selecting the contractor and preparing Environment Impact Assessment if it is required for Your project
  • Selecting designer and process of designing
  • Obtaining location and building permits
  • Tender documents for construction and supervision and purchase of equipment
  • Preparing contract documentation and managing contract realisation
  • Occupancy permits commissioning the plant in operation